‘Where We Live in Hove’

May 19, 2014 | Uncategorized

Where do you live?

Are there details, streetscapes, individual buildings or open spaces that you identify with your neighbourhood? The use of space, material and colours, the regularity and uniformity, the idiosyncratic details and the sounds and smells are some of the many factors we notice both consciously and sub-consciously. Our neighbourhoods are unique and deserve celebrating.

David Kemp is a long term resident of Hove Park Villas and in the spirit of the Festival is creating a series posters to celebrate his neighbourhood. 2014 is the 2nd year of the series and is available to purchase from the DK office; for more information please contact us or just pop into 9 Hove Park Villas. If there are any aspects of the neighbourhood you think should be included in the next of the series, or a different area that deserves celebrating the same way please do let us know.

Where we live 2 (small)

“The posters show current day images of fragments of the built environment in the area bordered to the North by Old Shoreham Road, to the West by Fonthill Road, to the South by Hove Station and to the East by The Drive.   There are views within the area and looking back to it.  If this is successful I shall progressively pick other identifiable areas of the City to capture – possibly including the Willett Estate, Brunswick Area, Clifton & Montpellier Estate etc….   The intention is not to capture new work but older Regency, Victorian and Edwardian streetscapes as they are the ones most under threat and also to try to capture them looking at their best!” – David Kemp

Where we live - small Jpeg

Part 1 of the series is also still available.



Written By: A Wiseman
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