Why Move?

May 6, 2015 | Uncategorized

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Why move?   Love the area, great location, like your house and garden – moving is expensive.

Has the time come that you need to give your house some TLC, a make-over, an extension into the garden,  a loft conversion or a combination of all these?   New thinking would suggest that it makes less sense these days to just refurbish or renew parts of your home without improving its value by updating and extending.   It may be that you feel you can’t see its potential, but an Architect can and with their experience, a tried and tested solution that will preserve and enhance the value of your biggest investment can be yours.

With soaring energy costs before us, do you have a house that leaks out heat in the colder months, uses too much electricity to run, and uses more water than it should – all of which may be wasting your hard earned money?   Again Architects can help.

If you take the first step now, you are taking control of this aspect of your future.   We strongly suggest that you contact a Chartered RIBA practice.

We at DK. Architects would be delighted to hear from you and welcome your telephone call or e-mail to book a time and date for a visit to discuss how we can help you.


Written By: David Kemp
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