David Kemp

David Kemp


David Kemp has a BA Hons Dip Arch from Brighton Polytechnic (now Brighton University), member of the RIBA and ARB having qualified in 1987. He was the winner of the 1985 RIBA’s Lovell Memorial Award for his thesis which was a video documentary – ‘The Finsbury Health Centre by Lubetkin & Tecton’.

Prior Experience

David has worked in a number of private sector practices locally and in London. This gave him experience of various sectors of work including Commercial, Retail, Health Care, Education, Sports, Transport & Commercial Interiors.


David started his own practice in 1990 which became a Limited Company in 2005. His focus is towards the creative / front end of projects – teasing out the client’s brief and synthesising that with the constraints (budget, Planning restrictions, setting etc…) to find the ‘big idea’. This is likely to appear as a pencil concept drawing at the start of the creative process and then be turned into an AutoCAD drawing by others in the office. He maintains an overview contact with projects as they develop and enjoys engaging in the strategy and tussle of the Planning process. He believes that a team approach within his own office and within the wider grouping of consultants, contractor and client is the route to a very good result. His style is relaxed and friendly. He is unlikely to turn up to meetings in a suit, but he may arrive on a bicycle or in a Smart Car.

David is a member of EASA (Ecclesiastical Architects and Surveyors Association) and has worked with various Christian and Jewish denominations including the Church of England, Baptist Union, Unitarians and the Orthodox Jews.   He is on the DAC (Diocesan Advisory Council) list of approved Architects has carried-out Quinquennial inspections for a number of churches in West and East Sussex.

David is a member of The Sussex Heritage Trust and very regularly participates in the judging of submitted projects.   He is always keen to make submissions of DK projects and there has been great success over the years with Awards and High Commendations – see Awards Section.   David does not judge his own projects!

David is a family man with a broad range of hobbies and interests including travel and photography. He is a committed endurance runner and is usually preparing for his next Marathon.He has recently qualified to represent GB in his age group in the standard Duathlon (Run – Bike – Run). He raises money for favourite charities including the Teenage Cancer Trust, Children with Cancer Fund, Shelter and Off the Fence and has recently been involved with two Brighton-based Charity Bike Rides in Europe for people involved in the Construction Industry.

David is also a member of Hove Civic Society which in combination with the Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum has an active role in protecting and enhancing the environment of our city.

‘I was born in Brighton – Hove actually, and have lived in the city all my life, whilst at the same time loving the coast, surrounding Sussex countryside and communities.   I love it’s history and the city it is trying to be and came to the conclusion that if ever I moved, it would only be to a city like Brighton & Hove.   The fact that I have profession which can play its part in that process incentivises me to continue to try to press for more.   In terms of its culture I can do no better than borrow and adapt the words of President Barack Obama “It doesn’t matter whether you’re black or white or Hispanic or Asian or European or young or old or rich or poor, abled, disabled, gay or straight, you can make it here in Brighton & Hove.”

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