Dementia Care Home


This scheme is a proposal for a client with a smaller Care Home that wants to add a dedicated Dementia Care Home wing in a large under-used garden.   These are visualisations of the final design.  

The construction is based on pre-fabricated units with a degree of repetition enabling a swifter build and higher standard of finish with less disruption to the running of the Care Home.  

The special considerations of the residents and their ranges of needs and abilities will form part of the successful solution.   It has to feel like a ‘home’ after all – not a Care Home, and offer a warm, friendly and welcoming environment for the residents.   It has to be an easy to manage the facility for the staff and ultimately be cost effective for the owner to secure its use as a long-term investment.  

The visitors are also to be considered who are often family members or close friends and their reassurance that the best is being done for the resident.   The sense that the personality of the loved one is still evident is hugely important and makes for a happy relationship with those who have the closest bonds.  

The external environment is also very important and making it both restful and stimulating, resonant of memories and risk free.   The courtyard space shown incorporates stimulation for the senses and the planting should be considered as a memory trigger.   

Personalising the residents’ rooms with smaller furniture items from home and wall space for pictures and memorabilia are really important along with views into garden spaces wherever possible.  

A more in-depth look at current best practice for the design for Dementia and Dementia Care Homes will be covered in the Articles tab.


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