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‘DK Architects is a comfortable working environment with welcoming staff and a proud work ethic. In my first three weeks in the job, I felt like I had learnt more than my three years as an undergraduate at University.   The nature of the jobs that the practice attracts means I was able to get a taster for almost all the work stages, which has proved extremely helpful in my later endeavours. Whilst working in practice was not what I expected it to be before starting, I enjoyed it very much and appreciate the opportunity DK Architects gave me in my career progression.’

Will Cork (2018 – 2020)

‘After completing my Masters degree in 2020 DK Architects has been the perfect start to my career. Given responsibility for a wide range of tasks, I have learnt so much about the design process in a short space of time. Everyone at DK has supported and guided me throughout my learning and instantly made me feel part of the team.’

Rhiannon Graham (2020-2021)

‘Our aim is to offer practical real world experience to our students which is not offered in full time education.   There is usually a steep learning curve required.   We discuss all our projects at least once a week and operate in a day-to-day way as a team, so the range of experience is really wide.   There is quite an extensive library here to access for more inspiration.   We expect commitment and for us all to enjoy practice life as much as possible.’

David Kemp

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