Date:16 Dec 2013

Contemporary Kitchen Garden Room Extension

Location: Hove, Brighton & Hove, East Sussex

Work carried out: Ground Floor Kitchen space and adjacent extensions

Project description:

The rear of the property was in need of a make-over to provide some bright and inviting family spaces. The Kitchen as a core central space was completely reconfigured to enable a new layout which is now much more comfortable to use and has a touch of luxury about it and now has a rooflight which floods the space with light. To the South there is now a lovely space to dine or to simply sit and enjoy views of and access to the garden. To the North we were asked to make a space that could be used for children’s music practice. We came up with a quirky idea which has now been used on other projects as it worked well. We hung a bookcase on a track so that it can function as a door and discretely close the space off. Both of the side spaces have access to the garden.

Sometimes the simplest ideas work really well.

Contractor: Woodmans Construction