Date:17 Mar 2017

Detached house, formerly small, dark and old fashioned becomes stylish, modern and comfortable

Location: Hove, East Sussex

Work carried out: A Planning Application was submitted for a remodelling scheme with some negotiation with the Local Authority, a Building Regulations application and Scheduled Fixtures, Finishes & Fittings to enable a smooth build with an appointed Contractor.

Project description: This detached property was largely unaltered with an entrance at the mid-point of the side elevation; with its front elevation facing South – though good for the front Reception Room and front Bedroom, it left the rear spaces quite dark.   The garden was a good size and included a small concrete garage, but there was very little sense of connection with the open space from the Dining Room and Kitchen. The Bathroom facilities were cramped and inadequate and one Bedroom was particularly small.

After some consideration, the proposal included 1) parking spaces which were added in the front garden 2) a new porch which was added to make access to the front entrance more obvious, welcoming and sheltered 3) to remove the garage so that we could extend the rear of the property at Ground Floor level and to create a Kitchen Garden / Family Room with good views of and access to the garden with lots of light coming from the plateau rooflight 4) to swap some First Floor spaces to make a larger Family Bathroom and a rearwards extension to create a new Bedroom.

Our clients had a very good interior design sense and working together with their appointed builder, took these spaces and made them personal, stylish and inviting as these photos bear out.

Contractor: Elements Build, Frome, Somerset