Date:21 Nov 2013

Semiotics Company Headquarters

Location: Wilbury Mews, Hove, Brighton & Hove, East Sussex

Work carried out: Survey and interior design and support suitable for shopfitting exercise on a modest budget and tight timescale.

Project description:

We helped Space Doctors move into these two units in double quick time and make it a set of spaces that would work for them immediately and be suitable for their presentations to globally important clients. Achieving a deadline was very important. The two units were available from different owners – one a photographer and one a graphic / product designer, so each had its special requirements. One was to be the main office on 3 floors and required alterations mainly to Kitchen and WC areas and new lighting with general refurbishment and decoration. The other unit was to be a high spec meeting and conference room and a staff chill-out room.

The Conference room was a bespoke fit-out with raised floor incorporating under-floor heating and ventilation with a stretched skin ceiling overhead. Our favourite disappearing doors connect the two parts. New Mews doors were built to keep the character of the Mews intact with inner glazed partitions to offer varying levels of access, security, privacy and cosiness!

Contractor: Select Building