Date:20 Nov 2018

Village Property Bigger and Better

Location: Ditchling, East Sussex

Work carried-out: A Planning Application was submitted for an extension and other internal rearrangements along with works of refurbishment and changes to a garage.   The project involved negotiations with the Conservation Officer.

Project description: This semi-detached property needed improvements to make it work better as a family home.   It had a garden set alongside the boundary wall to East End Lane and to this was added an extension that connected the house better with the modest stepped garden areas.   The windows to the public space were set relatively high to give the room some privacy, but facing the garden they are low and give immediate access.   This open wall together with the extension has meant the living spaces feel much larger and more comfortable.

Another issue had been a congested Vestibule area which was re-planned to make a comfortable entrance to the house.

An old style garage was reduced in size to make parking on the drive easier whilst the residual space is really useful storage.

The whole exterior of the house was improved with a new roof and tile hanging and replacement windows as sashes.

Contractor: Coastal Building Services