Contemporary Kitchen Garden room extension with hallmark details to make it special

Oct 5, 2019

Location: Hove, East Sussex

Work carried-out: A Planning Application was submitted for a rearrangement and enlargement of the rear of the property to form a Kitchen Garden Room for family life.

Project description: The rear of the house was a series of spaces that did not link up well nor did they connect well to the garden.   The Kitchen in particular did not feel light and inviting.   The Utility spaces also needed some rearrangement to make sure they functioned well.

The whole rear of the building was re-appraised and the use of the various parts was considered to maximise light and the options of how the space could be used.   Whilst it is clearly a contemporary extension, the quality of the contractor’s detail using two brick types and creasing tiles to match other parts of the building makes for a stylish and special solution.   The interior is bathed in light and all family life now takes place in this new space.

Contractor: C.Kennett Construction

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