Nov 27, 2013

There are significant thresholds in buildings – in the transition between exterior and interior spaces in particular and also within buildings into or between main spaces. It is a position of demarcation – simultaneously departure and arrival, transitional and intentional. It deserves to be a special experience, undiminished by familiarity. A front entrance conceals the life within and any experience of an interior space will be heightened by the space inside being unpredictable and there are many ways to achieve this and it will to some extent reflect the personality of the owner. Consider also the path – literal or metaphorical to the front door. This may be from a pavement edge through a front garden and is another topic altogether.

‘What is the message you want to project to visitors?’

1. Good quality locks and other considerations are listed in the Police recommended standards – ‘Secure by Design’. Good convenience lighting need not look utilitarian. Ensure steps are well-lit.

2. Whilst a draught lobby is not essential these days with our new ways to seal external doors, it does still serve the function of allowing some privacy to the inner space and may stop the cat or dog running out at the most inconvenient moment!

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