New house Overlooking Port

Nov 21, 2013

Location: Denton near Newhaven, East Sussex

Work carried out: New House

Project description:

The Client in this case was the Builder / Developer. They had purchased the adjacent property in the expectation of building a house on this attached infill plot. The site sloped steeply down from the road frontage enabling an upside down house to be built – the Living spaces being at Ground Floor Level over 3 Bedrooms at Lower Ground Floor Level with a Gallery space at First Floor Level. The building has a big view across a nature reserve towards the coastline including the Newhaven Harbour mouth so the building’s focus is in this direction.

The privacy of neighbouring properties’ gardens was protected with louvred hardwood screens being integrated with the balcony design.

The property has a dramatic presence amidst the conventional houses on this area of Denton and has been referred to by the locals as ‘The house’ – in a positive, admiring way!

Contractor: Coastal Building Services

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