Penthouse Extension in Listed Building

Nov 25, 2013

Location: Chichester Terrace, Kemptown, Brighton & Hove, East Sussex

Work carried out: The property had previously been a badly converted roof connecting two adjacent addresses within a Grade 1 Listed Terrace. A new, extended roof profile was formed and sympathetic detailing used to enlarge this penthouse flat.

Project description:

The flat was very unattractive apart from its location and views. There were no historic features left apart from the chimney stacks and originally the space would have been unoccupied roofspace. A conversion had been carried-out probably in the 1970’s which was falling to pieces and was architecturally very poor. There was a disproportionately large terrace behind the front balcony which we were able to use to create a new mansard front wall in slate with lead dormers in positions and sizes that related well to the windows below.

The end result was a very much improved set of rooms and spaces which now matched their location and outlook. The interior spaces were remodelled too to make the most of the additional space that had been gained.

Contractor: Russ Deacon Builders, Eastbourne.


2007 Sussex Heritage Trust Award
Small Scale Residential
Highly Commended Certificate

“This extension into a south facing roof terrace with balcony doors in storey height dormers with a new mansard slope, have replaced sliding glass doors giving a much more satisfactory elevation and created more living space. A high standard of design and workmanship incorporating high quality materials and finishes.”

Sussex Heritage Trust Award judges

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