Small but exciting city centre address

Feb 15, 2020

Location: Brighton, East Sussex

Work carried-out: A series of negotiations with the Conservation and Planning Departments exploring different options for this small, steeply sloping site in the Hanover area. Construction used SIPS panels and clad with Trespa as there was so little space to work.

Project description: The site had been acquired piecemeal over the years in very small sections by the client who wanted to produce good standard property to rent.   Originally there had been 3 properties including the space now occupied by the Electricity sub-station, but a steam roller accident had resulted in the demolition of two of the properties and the site had lain vacant for many years, but in multiple ownerships.

Working off-site as much as possible seemed to be the best way forward as there was so little space to work.   The Contractor’s program allowed for this and once the foundation base was laid the superstructure was assembled in SIPS panels for cladding.


Contractor: Coastal Building Services

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