Two luxury properties from a redundant set of offices

Jul 19, 2018

Brief description: The previous use of this historic property was as a business centre, but it had fallen redundant so conversion back to a residential use became desirable. It was a Grade 2 Listed Building. In the past the original house had been extended to the West which generated some quirky internal arrangements. The decision was made to subdivide it into two properties but sharing the same street front door, entrance hall and access to the communal parking area at the rear. The building needed to be refurbished to a high standard throughout with consideration for retaining historic detail.

Work Carried-out: The Street & Rear Elevations, and the interior plan were at odds with one another at First Floor Level and it was decided to give this space to the smaller half (Ivy House) and at the same time to extend rearwards to provide WC’s Bathrooms and stairs without disrupting what were large reception rooms more than necessary. The bigger half of the building (Ilex House) was a more straightforward refurbishment. In both parts, non-historic partitions and doors were replaced and new kitchens and bathrooms incorporated.

Judges comments: “This project has been lovingly thought through, essentially dividing two Victorian properties in a very sensitive manner. Ivy House in particular has extensive accommodation and both house have been finished a very high order. We noted the high-quality leadwork over the courtyard entrances to the rear of each property. We noted provision for car parking, a bonus for a Lewes Town Centre building. Overall an enhancement for the historic School Hill area in Lewes.” – Sussex Heritage Trust Judges


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