What our clients say… 

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Our roof space conversion is a joy: it’s the lightest and warmest part of the house and without exaggeration changed the way we felt about the whole building. From the front of the house, it has given us new views of Brighton while from the back we can now look out at our roof-level garden. It’s my work area and my daily spirits never fail to lift as I reach the top of the stairs and walk into the space.

Karen & Alex Mancey-Barrett


David was an absolute pleasure to deal with – very professional, honest, and friendly. He listened carefully to our requirements, asked questions and kept in regular contact throughout the build. His project was to extend the kitchen, join it to the garage and create a large kitchen/family room. The result is beautiful and has real ‘wow’ factor. He came up with some amazing ideas which we would never have thought of and our new room is perfect in every way. We would definitely use him again.

Steve & Sian Stevenson


We appointed David Kemp to work with us when building an extension to our house and convert the loft into living space. In working with David and his colleagues we had much more than an architect, they provided us with support, advice, and help to manage the entire project, and all done in a friendly and professional manner. This included assistance on the selection and appointment of the builder and ensuring that we were kept on the right side of the planning and building control people. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend DK Architects for similar projects.

Gavin & Emily McWhirter


We are absolutely thrilled with the house – it really is better than we could ever have possibly imagined and sometimes have to pinch ourselves to believe that it’s real.

Large country house extension, Salfords, Surrey (2013)

Jan & Natasha Sanders


The house is coming along very nicely and I am very happy with it; lots of compliments to you from friends and neighbours.

Mike Goulding


What we liked about working with DK Architects was that we felt they listened to what we wanted to do, and the dialogue was two-way and creative. This gave us the chance to get the project that we wanted. There were some technically complicated problems to solve, but they seemed to enjoy the challenge, worked well with the contractor and the project turned out to be very successful, but more thank that, it is a home which works very well for us. We are happy to recommend them.

Refurbishment & alterations to a listed house & adjacent new eco-house, Brighton (2004)

Bruce Gibson & Nas Badshah


A professional, friendly company who I would have no hesitation in recommending. They developed my initial thoughts, made amazing suggestions that have made my home fit in with my lifestyle. My flat is now light & airy, reinstalled with the original features whilst modernising it and adding great storage. I now adore walking in through the front door. A huge thank you DK Architects.



After over a year of searching for our new house for our increasing young family, we finally found a ‘do’er upper project’. Once we purchased the house and lived in it for 6 months, we interviewed 4 architects to start the ideas and planning process. David stood out from the rest and we chose DK Architects to work for us. What stood out for us from the rest was David’s vision of what the house could be from talking and listening to us. Over the different stages of the planning and construction David’s office was open to us anytime when we needed that face-to-face conversation to go over ideas, change of plans and be our advice centre when things came up that we were not experienced in. Overall, we and our trusted builder were happy with David’s services from start to finish.

Malcolm & Davina Sirisena


I’m so glad I chose David Kemp of DK Architects. Though I’ve had quite a lot of experience renovating exhausted Victorian houses, this time, with quite a few structure issues involved, I felt I needed an Architect’s practice. Choosing DK Architects turned out to be a great decision, possibly wiser than falling in love with an abandoned, much neglected ex-student house! A house suffocated by years of neglect, dirt, damp, and layers of paint obscuring and hiding the beauty of the original features. David, arriving on his bicycle, embraced the vision entirely as we walked around the cold, rotting building. His enthusiasm for creating ‘real’ homes for people to enjoy living in and understanding how we would function as a family within the space was immediately apparent. Function, integrity, and honesty can describe what I wanted from my new home and from the professionals who would help me to build it. I didn’t want any preconceptions of trendy design or someone else’s interpretation of what would work best for us. David managed to translate my whirlwind of ideas and emotions about restoring this old house onto paper and then into plans and planning applications and accurate tenders from builders. It was reassuring to have every step of the process logged, printed, and navigated, choosing how much I wanted to do myself and how much I wanted them involved. The builders chosen from David’s recommendations were also impressive and, as budget is possibly what frightens us the most, they were on time and on budget. There’s no doubt that in any project there’s a time of impatience and frustration when things just seem to go on forever and we just want to be living in our new home. But David and his team were always available and held steady and when you read in testimonials that employing an architect is money well spent, you can believe it. It’s a team project; your ideas and vision, David’s interpretation and invaluable suggestions and design experience, a builder who can build it well, all helping you create a home you love.



Before building work, our house was perfectly adequate but we both felt that it had the potential to be amazing. Fatefully, David and DK were recommended to us by friends. With his calm, professional manner he listened patiently to our ideas for extending the kitchen and connecting with the garden. Although the extension was simplistic in the sense that we were extending across the full width of the house, David has created for us a space that feels much bigger than we had anticipated. He created a cathedral ceiling space with skylights and the clever use of a zinc roof meant that the height of the full width opening could be raised allowing us to install a wall of glass with huge sliding doors. Although the space is big it makes sense as there are zones for the living area, dining, and kitchen. David’s design has been life changing in that the family make use of the space together. Before, the kitchen table felt cramped and was in sight of the front door but now it sits proudly in a more private area looking out onto the garden. Most days the family sit down together and enjoy family time. We would say the kitchen extension has really enhanced our day-to-day living and we are very thankful to David for that. We weren’t sure if planning would allow or indeed if it was possible but we wanted to add loft bedrooms. David was confident that we could strip back the existing roof and rebuild with 2 new bedrooms and a bathroom. We are so glad we took the step, our growing children now have a floor to escape to with the added bonus of fantastic views and the rooms are really spacious. Looking back the old roof looked too low and not balanced but with David’s help the look of the house has now been improved and if you didn’t know you would never believe that we’d added a new floor. It was difficult to imagine how the new staircase up to the roof would fit in but David’s design in moving a door to accommodate it has actually enhanced the first floor and has given more privacy to the bedroom affected. The stairs and landings are very open and it doesn’t feel like stairs up to a loft room at all. We engaged David not only to take us through the planning and building regulation process but also to prepare schedules of finishes and fittings which was used by the Contractors for pricing. This was invaluable for us and the Contractors. Throughout the process David and Clive were on hand with advice and led us through what could otherwise be an extremely stressful experience. We had some hiccups along the way as most building projects do but again David and Clive came on site and sorted them out and were always available to talk through issues. We have no hesitation in recommending David and his team at DK and wish them well with their future projects.

Marion & Nick


David Kemp and his talented team have been a pleasure to work with. They worked collaboratively with our builders to ensure that all of our visions and objectives were met. We were truly impressed with David Kemp and his team’s careful attention to details, their passion for great design and architecture, which ultimately led to us achieving our dream home. Many thanks.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Christina & Andre


What I loved about David was his intelligent realism, practical sense of architecture and the fact that he listened. It was our dream not his vision. He also found another whole floor we never knew we had! We’re very proud of our house and he helped make it our home.

Carl Prechezer & Lou Durkin


I’ve worked with David Kemp of DK Architects several times over the years – firstly on building a studio to work from; secondly when he designed our house in the most spectacular spot high up on the South Downs, and then thirdly when I converted a massive nineteenth century wooden framed barn into a wonderful family house looking across the landscape to The Long Man of Wilmington. Each time David absorbed my brief and then proceeded to enhance it, pull it apart and think about what I wanted to achieve in the most creative and lateral way. The barn won a Sussex Heritage award and our house has weathered and worn into a truly beautiful and modern twist on the Arts & Crafts movement. It’s given us 20 years of pleasure. David and all his colleagues at DK Architects are a fine group of very creative individuals. Like all gifted designers David is not prepared to simply fulfil a brief or knock our mediocre work. Yes he wants his buildings to please his clients and fulfil bringing their dreams to life but he also strives to provide the community with architecture that makes the soul sing.

Peter Bridgewater & Lorraine Harrison


Buying a house is as we all know is stressful, doing so with the requirement to gain planning in the national park more so. It was a risk and so choosing the right architect to facilitate a successful bid was paramount. DK Architects were our choice and a successful application resulted. We have the utmost respect for David and his team, from conception to completion our hands were held, expectations met, and results achieved.

Brent Kearney


David Kemp and DK Architects created and executed an inspiring vision for Space Doctors’ three new office spaces in Wilbury Grove, Hove. He produced a scheme for Space Doctors main office building, workshop areas and meeting spaces, smartly taking into account the ways in which we wanted to work allowing for our foibles and idiosyncrasies and suggesting improvements as possible. David spoke to employees individually about the new spaces and their desires and created a scheme which married design inspiration and great practicality and embodied the values and nature of the Space Doctors brand. We are delighted to receive great compliments from our clients and suppliers on our new site. The experience of working here is comfortable, bright, and easy for everyone. David brought great professionalism, a gentle but firm manner and points of creative inspiration to making it all happen – a great experience and one I’d not hesitate to recommend!

Office Refit, Hove (2013)

Fiona McNae, CEO Space Doctors

Thank you for making our house a home.

Alterations and additions to a family home, Brighton (2012)

Nick & Mary Grey


What seemed like a simple extension has changed the way we use the house. We now have a family area in which cooking, homework, and relaxation can all take place in the same space. We now spend more time together! DK Architects listened to how we wanted to use the space and adapted their designs to reflect our feedback. They helped us find the ideal contractor for the work. Throughout the build, they were there to support us when we needed it but stood back when we didn’t. A perfect balance.

Extension to family home, Hove

Andrea Cumming


This seems more like a novel rather than a review, but it made sense to write it this way in attempt to prevent another family to experience our ordeal. In 2005 we decided to convert our 3-bed bungalow to a 4-bed dream house. With no previous construction experience we managed to gather a team of equally inadequate “professionals”. We moved out and the work began on August 1st 2006. By mid-October we had run into so many problems that the work had to be halted by November 2006. In the space of the following five years, we moved 3 times to different rented accommodations with a 3 and 1 year old and spend the majority of our free time and all savings on solicitors, surveyors and various building consultants. Totally worn out, we gave up on the dream home idea and decided to save our marriage and sanity instead. What once was our home, became an overgrown forgotten building site, and we gradually got used to the idea of never seeing it completed. In early 2011 my wife Khatereh coincidentally met David Kemp from DK Architects and suggested we should meet up with him to get his opinion as a last attempt to make sense of our failure. I distinctly remember our first meeting and what David said to us, as it was not only the start of us getting back our home but a very valuable lesson for life that restored our faith in humanity and professional commitment. David said something along the lines of “rescuing the project is one thing, but from what you have said I think it is more important for you to fall in love with the idea of it being your home again and I think we can do this together if you trust me.” And that was exactly what he did. We as a family are forever grateful for not only building our home but giving us hope and restoring our faith in humanity. David is not only a magnificent visionary of architect he is also the true symbol of professionalism in its noblest attribute. We wish him and his family health, love, harmony and prosperity.

Farnood & Khatereh Asghari


We had a kitchen extension designed by DK Architects and are delighted by the outcome. The space has been transformed so that it is light and airy, opening up the views to our garden actually making it feel like part of it. The fantastic flexibility and utility of the room means that we hardly ever have to leave it. The main reason for it turning out so well to suit our needs is the way in which DK Architects involved us fully, sensitively, and intuitively in the design process.

Martin Sacree & Amanda Tombs


Working with DK Architects was an excellent experience. David provided measured and insightful advice and came up with a wonderful design for our large bungalow project. David’s extensive experience enabled us to start on the design prior to moving in and his in-depth knowledge of the planning process, and likely obstacles, was invaluable in making the right decisions at the design stage which resulted in our planning application being approved at the first attempt. We are thoroughly delighted with our finished home and would highly recommend DK Architects for their practical design ideas, professional approach, and the easy working relationship that they engender.

Tim & Vanessa


David Kemp and the whole DKA team enthusiastically stuck with our project from first concepts through to redesigning the custom picture rail hooks afterwards. From the overall concept to the minutest detail, DKA proposed, interacted, reworked and supported great outcomes throughout what, at times, was a very challenging build. We assembled the team of builder and contractors DKA proposed and DKA then worked closely with these highly skilled and design-committed people – always in close alignment with us as client. Our flat, at the top of a late Georgian terrace had not had serious care for over 50 years. It was also void of original 19th Century features. Complete re-plumbing and rewiring were essential, but first there needed to be an overall total rethink; electrics were aligned with 21st Century electronics, waste pipes were reconfigured, rooms reconfigured, and a fundamental problem solved. One example illustrates the breadth of requirements DKA confronted and solved: fixing the damp of external walls. Ranging through restoring the fundamental fabric of the building to the most precise design detail of the new finish; external damp was cleverly eliminated with a modern membrane system and, at the same time, a total reworking of the decaying hotch-potch of styles of skirting, picture rails and cornices turned a practical solution into a beautiful and consistent design throughout. The design also disguised the venting system (thus the need for special picture rail hooks). We could go into similar detail on many other project areas from the reinforcement of the roof to stabilising ceilings to the careful location of the in-ceiling lighting. Each required interaction between architect, client, builder and contractors. As the build progressed, and the build progressed, and the builder (Pat Plumstead) and contractors came to the fore, DKA receded to a support role, but one where David Kemp was always ready to constructively join a client/builder/architect site meeting to solve a problem, propose or refine a clever design twist. Because there was a plan, and a teamwork approach with the client, builder and specialist contractors, we didn’t chop and change or fall out with each other. The final result is a beautiful and subtle Art Deco-themed whole (with a dash of Memphis spice) that is loyal to its early 20th Century conversion to a flat, yet enhances the conservation of a late Georgian building – and also delivers 21st century “smart living”.



Our staff and Trustees are very pleased with the loft conversion and the work carried out by DK Architects.  The design works well and anyone who did not visit the building prior to the conversion would never know that  the new staircase and loft conversion had not formed part of the original design of the building

Blatchington Court Trust staff and Trustees


David Kemp and his colleagues have delivered consistently high-quality architectural services to me and my wife over a period of more than 20 years. This work has involved four projects – three domestic projects, on and around our listed building home, and a commercial office development in Central London. In all cases David has met the challenges presented with creativity and efficiency – and he has dealt effectively and sympathetically with difficult conservation issues as they have arisen. In short, we would always rely on DK to deliver to brief.

Alteration and additions to 17th Century Listed thatched cottage and outbuildings, Hursley, Hants and, as former Director of the BUFVC – relocation and fit-out of premises

Murray & Emma Weston


DK Architects saved us from a design nightmare. Originally this relatively small project was something we thought we could do ourselves. We were very wrong. The service we received from them was faultless. The design was excellent adding unexpected joy to a simple extension. Even though we lived a couple of hundred miles away, communication was first class. It is the best investment we ever made.

Lorraine & Graeme Currie


What we enjoyed about working with David and his practice was they took the time to come up with a design that would work well for the house as our family home and our budget. They dealt with the maze of legislation and the contracts without fuss and we were confident that we would get a quick response to queries and were available to discuss anything that might arise. We liked the contemporary design. It was a very friendly service.

Phil Boulding & Isabel Boira-Segarra


DK were a pleasure to do business with, coming up with many creative ideas that enhanced our plans and met our budget. They were also an advocate for local building companies, and the builder recommended by David completed a fantastic job.

Ivan & Jackie Mainprize


DK Architects were a pleasure to work with. We were particularly impressed by the process before a drawing was even made. David Kemp took a very detailed brief of how we lived and intended to use the property in the future and alerted us to the flexible nature of rooms as family life evolved; children become teenagers, grandparents, aged etc. This meant that years after our initial project we were still reaping the benefits of his foresight.

Paul & Rhodri Thompson


We had spent months and months (and months) looking for our family home when after yet another disappointing viewing the estate agent commented that perhaps we should consider a ‘project’. This generated some discussion and then excitement as we thought about the possibilities (we’ve all seen too many Grand Designs repeats.) However, having never done anything more challenging than change the bathroom in our previous homes it was also a little daunting. Our search expanded to consider houses that had been a little neglected or un-loved but I don’t think either of us were prepared for the wreck of a house we unearthed and then purchased. So we had a house (that we couldn’t live in), now we needed to find someone who knew what they were doing to help us turn it into a home. We met David and the team at DK with a good idea (and a long list) of what we liked and, as we walked through the house, David started to talk us through the transformation. We liked the sound of his ideas and the creative way that he tackled our wish list. Yes we thought, off we went and some time later our beautiful family home started to emerge. Friends and family came to witness the transformation, some even commented how ‘brave’ we were but I don’t think we ever considered ourselves brave. A little foolish perhaps but David and the team at DK weren’t fazed by anything and their quiet confidence helped to give us confidence as the project progressed, even when one third of the house had to be knocked down and rebuilt. So the house is finally finished and we have been living in it for a year and a half now. Thanks to David and the team at DK we now have a beautiful family home that works perfectly for us as a family and our extended family and friends. And I finally understand why people say the best part of a holiday is coming home.

Alterations and additions to a family home, Hove (2011)

Cameron & Helen Cox


We used DK Architects for our major house refurbishment three and a half years ago. This was the first time we had engaged a professional architect. While it may have seemed a significant investment on top of all the other refurbishment costs, I can categorically say it was money very well spent and we have been delighted with the result. David was very attentive to our requirements, and not only took them on board but exceeded our expectations through a number of innovative suggestions. We were knocking through a couple of reception rooms and building a kitchen extension to offer a large family living and social space – we entertain on a large scale sometimes. Through his significant experience he was able to suggest a number of enhancements to our original requirements. He suggested a number of innovative suggestions; a big ‘wow’ entrance into the living / dining room with double doors facing into a bespoke fitted shelf / dresser unit, a lowered section of ceiling with associated lighting scheme to provide greater balance as opposed to just boxing the beam that was required to support the knocked through wall and various refined ways to subtly define different areas in a room that is usually large but with several different functions. Other rooms were also reconfigured and connecting routes were all considered and worked well. Some of these to the inexperienced eye seemed risky, especially the idea of having the lower ceiling partition. Nevertheless David’s quiet confidence gave us the necessary assurance and courage to see this through to implementation. I can only say that the finished room is a complete joy, and his suggested enhancements have really paid off. Looking back I have come to appreciate how important the investment in DK Architects has been, especially given the relatively small fraction of the cost of David’s services in comparison to the overall project budget. For such projects it is obviously essential that the final result is ‘right first time’ given the significant costs that would be incurred in any retrospective amendments or having to live with any subsequent irritations that go with ‘making do’. It has now been over three and a half years since completion, and we are still completely satisfied with the design , because it really works, and we have had and continue to have compliments from friends, guests, and visitors. I would categorically recommend DK Architects!

House remodel, Streatham, London (2010)

Giorgio & Susie Santoro


When we bought our first home, we decided on a grade listed flat. We knew that a major renovation project in a heritage listed building would present lots of challenges, but we had a vision to transform our run down 1827 flat into an elegant, sympathetically restored Regency home, whilst being careful to respect and reinstate many of the traditional architectural features. David Kemp and his team at DK Architects were not only very experienced, but incredibly passionate about helping us to transform our vision into reality. We worked with David to maximise daylight throughout the flat by creating a large integrated lounge and kitchen with Regency style dividing doors, reinstated wooden shutters on the original windows, along with traditional cornices, and many other features were restored in line with the guidance provided by Conservation. David and our builder (Pat Plumstead) worked closely and harmoniously together, and any challenges that arose were quickly resolved. We have no hesitation in recommending David and his colleagues to anyone who may be considering a similar architectural challenge. David was so passionate about our project from start to finish and we can’t thank him enough for all the time and attention he put into transforming our flat into a beautiful, relaxing home.

Stuart & Vanessa


One year on from the completion of our extension, we are still in love with it, and have yet to think of anything we would do differently. The kitchen has become the hub around which the family gathers, as well as creating an unbeatable space for entertaining – whether an intimate dinner party or a gathering of the children’s school friends. Having created a small den within the scheme, there’s also a place for watching movies or playing video games. The creation of a cloakroom and utility room has transformed our hallway. No longer a dumping ground for shoes and coats, it has regained its original purpose as a welcoming space and a bold statement of Edwardian interior design. David Kemp from DK Architects had listened to what we wanted to achieve in the enlargement and created a design that delivered more than we had dared imagine. Importantly, he re-designed the rear external ground floor aspect to successfully blend the contemporary extension with the Edwardian DNA of the house. As happy as we are with David’s designs, we were also impressed with his professional and systematic approach. The attention to detail in the schedule of works (he encouraged us to think of everything, including futureproofing for cable TV, Ethernet and wired speakers, as well as flooring choice, and patio stones) ensured that the builders we asked to quote for the job were able to provide a highly accurate estimate of the work. It also formed the basis for a program of works that we could use in discussion with the builder once the project got underway. The high level of detail contained within the design and schedule gave us the confidence to project-manage the job ourselves. However, we also knew that either David or Clive were at the end of the phone and more than willing to offer advice, as they did on more than a couple of occasions.

Allan & Anne


DK Architects are thoroughly professional with wonderful insight and a great talent for design. The advice given by David on how we can improve the original design for our three-storey house renovation and extension meant we absolutely maximised the space and light in the house. The final design was perfect for our needs and the extension ‘box’ at the rear of our house still gets compliments from passers by more than one year after project completion. David provided a great deal of help navigating the planning process and was a huge comfort when the project faced challenges in getting the plans finally approved. We love the look and more importantly the feel of our home. I would happily recommend DK Architects for any renovation or extension project.

Alan & Lisa

What our contractors say…

Being in the unique position of working with DK Architects as a client and being under their employ on construction projects I feel I can comment on all facets of their business structure. From initial discussion and design concept right through to support and scrutiny, David Kemp and his team offer an extremely professional, but at the same time very friendly approach to their practice. I am particularly impressed with project integration throughout the team, every associate has an active role within each project and therefore even small enquiries are never left unanswered as project development is very much shared.

Robert Moore, CBS Contractors

Jurial Construction have worked alongside DK Architects on various domestic projects for approximately 15 years. From a contractor’s perspective we understand the benefits of the team approach DK adopt from inception to commencement with client, contractor, local authority and other appointed consultants. DK can draw together a wealth of experience giving the client valuable guidance on design, finishes, specialisms and budget control throughout the planning process through to construction completion.
Richard Johnson, Jurial Construction

When we work alongside DK Architects, we become a cohesive team. At the initial stage of the process, the clients and DK Architects come together to turn a vision into a workable project, which is then seamlessly handed over to us for the build. The partnership between us works so well due to their accuracy, knowledge and thorough approach. They offer an excellent and ongoing service throughout, and we always enjoy the projects on which we are proud to say that we work together.
Jamie Halpin, Create Building Contractors

The DK team have been fantastic from start to finish. Thorough, knowledgeable, helpful and brilliant to work with. Long may our relationship continue.
Machin Contractors Ltd

Whenever I see the DKA logo on the drawings I know the designs will work. The schedules they produce with a tender package provide all the most important information and instils confidence that the project has been thoroughly processed.
The detailing always seem to have been worked through from the builders perspective. Whenever questions arise, one of the team are always on hand to send over a quick sketch or simply explain. The most useful and positive benefit to all of this is time, resolving issues swiftly is a big advantage to the sequential nature of construction.
Pat Plumstead, Contractor

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